“He suddenly noticed three men standing nearby. He got up and ran to meet them, welcoming them by bowing low to the ground. “My Lord, “He said, “If it pleases you, stop here for while. Rest in the shade of this tree while my servants get some water to wash your feet. Let me prepare some food to refresh you. Please stay awhile before continuing on your journey.”

Genesis 18:2-5

Spreading the Joy of Faith

A warm welcome is an essential part of a positive experience at New Season Christian Center. And from there on out, our 1st Impression Team members make sure to greet, serve and guide attendees by focusing on their needs, whether they are a first time visitor or a lifetime member. We seek to show God’s love to all who walk through our doors!

  • Create an atmosphere in which people will feel welcome
  • Work with different committees in the coordination of projects and activities where food services are involved.
  • Service the fellowship activities in the congregation
  • Work with the pastor on special projects, events, and special occasions.
Hospitality Committee background

Join Our Team

Job expectations and qualities of a team member:
  • Possess the gifting of administration/exhortation/serving.
  • Loving, nurturing people with love for one another and a desire to share their ministry through the preparation and delivery of food for fellowship.
  • A desire to work as a team and be gracious hosts for our community.
  • Talented and able to organize and deal with people.
  • Possess friendly personality traits.
  • Be a dependable expresser or expresser analyst.
  • Have a passion for strengthening the Body of Christ through fellowship.