Our Purpose

The Altar Worker Ministry’s purpose is to assist leadership in sustaining order in the house during times of altar calls, and to assist congregants as they encounter God and his presence.

Faith on Bended Knee

We believe the Altar Call is the crowning glory of the church service, and the altar is a place of sacrifice. Congregants come in faith for healing, both physical and spiritual, restoration, and deliverance from addictions. As Altar Workers, we have the privilege of standing with, interceding and engaging in spiritual battle for the souls of God’s people so they will walk away changed by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that an Altar Worker is an intercessor, and should be trained and equipped to pray with and for those who come to receive from God. Altar Workers are selected by the Pastoral team due to the sensitivity of the ministry. Our team members are held to the highest standard of integrity and privacy. They live a lifestyle of prayer and fasting – consecrating themselves to the Lord.

Altar Workers background

Altar Workers Ministry

Expectations of alter workers
  • Must have a mature relationship with Christ.
  • Must be a student of the Word of God and Spirit filled.
  • Must have a strong prayer commitment
  • Willing to fast and prayer to hear God’s will for others
  • Present at Sunday morning and Wednesday evening service and special services.