2 Become 1 Marriage background

Create A More Perfect Union.

Find out God’s will for your marriage. Join us every 3rd Friday of the month.

Marriage is one of God’s greatest creations. However a strong, vibrant, healthy marriage does not just happen. It takes preparation, enrichment, and support. Each of us forms our vision and expectation of what marriage should be by observing others, talking to friends, listening to experts, and other books and articles. Some of our sources are reliable and give us healthy, positive assistance, while other sources can distort what God intends for us.

We believe through God’s Word and the help of the Holy Spirit, we truly find out how to create a partnership of the highest caliber.

2 Become 1 Ministry Topics Include:

  • Practical Biblical teaching on marriage Understanding of God’s perspective for marriage and family
  • Renewal in marriages, freeing you from weights and barriers
  • Long-term friendships with other couples which can provide mutual support across the years
  • Practical tools for keeping marriages healthy, and for helping other couples