Warriors Club background

Become the best man you can be

The Warriors Club: Men empowering men to fulfill the works of Christ.

The Warriors Club is an organization of Christian men, 18 years of age and older, whose primary purpose is dedicating themselves to promoting Christian service. This service includes building up the unity of the brotherhood, and providing service to our family, church and community through love and in the Spirit of Christ.

Goals of the Warriors Club:

  • To develop a strong fire for Christ and promote a standard of living for their families and their community.
  • To promote the natural interest of men in the church.
  • To encourage and train young men to use their various talentsto work together in unity towards a common goal in service to God.
  • To be a tool for outreach in the community
  • To assist men in reaching and discovering their purpose in Christ.
  • To hold one another accountable